Event & Portrait Photography in San Miguel de Allende

Event & portrait photography in San Miguel de Allende

Capture the essence and emotions of this special moment in time

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Images have the power to transport us back to the feelings of another place in time.

They can communicate in ways that can be challenging to put into words - immortalizing the feelings and moments and allowing others grasp what that experience was like.

Whether you would like to document your business or personal-related events or capture some new, beautiful portraits, it is my goal and intention to provide you with images that tell a moving story and capture your essence.

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Event Photography

Next time you are creating one of these events, let me document the experience

More Details about event photography
  • Ceremonies

    Capture the sacred moments of your ceremonial gatherings. I am sensitive to and aware off the special space and energy of such an event.

  • Retreats

    Document what it’s like for someone to experience a retreat with you. Multi or single-day coverage is available.

  • Workshops & Conferences

    Focus on delivering the content of your event while having the experience photographed to allow all to remember the event and promote future events.

  • Celebrations, Gatherings, Rites of Passages, & Parties

    Each special moment of friends and family gathering happens only once. Be present in the moment while having it documented to remember into perpetuity.

  • Trip or Experience Documentation

    Have your own documentarian to follow along and capture the moments from these unique experiences.

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I love to share the stories and images of the events that I've had the pleasure of photographing.

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